Texas students with family incomes of up to $100,000 will receive guaranteed financial aid.

Expanding on UT Austin’s long-standing commitment to reducing student debt and making a UT Austin education possible for Texans from low- and middle-income families, the university will now ensure that all new, incoming freshmen with family adjusted gross incomes (AGI) of up to $100,000, and who have financial need, will receive guaranteed need-based aid through the Texas Advance Commitment.

Eligible students with a family AGI of up to $30,000 will receive enough aid to completely cover their tuition costs.

Awards will begin to be distributed to the incoming freshmen arriving on campus in the fall of 2018 (the Class of 2022).

The Texas Advance Commitment ensures college access and upward mobility for promising students across the state. This commitment supports student success and timely graduation, as the awards are renewable for the four years of a student’s UT Austin education.

Awards leverage state and federal funds as well as university funds. UT Austin has increased financial aid over the past five years, and the Texas Advance Commitment adds an additional $5 million a year.

The Texas Advance Commitment is a long-term investment in our students, their families and the people of Texas. Improving affordability through this important new initiative is another way that we are working to unlock our students’ potential and drive upward mobility for our great state, and we’re just getting started.

— President Gregory L. Fenves


In-state student

First time in college enrolling freshman

Submit a FAFSA or TASFA

Family adjusted gross income of up to $100,000

Have demonstrated financial need

Maintain 2.0 GPA and remain in good standing for renewal eligibility

Frequently Asked Questions

Tuition for students eligible for the Texas Advance Commitment will be covered first by federal and state grants, like Pell Grant or TEXAS Grant. Funds will be added after federal and state grant aid, to either cover the remaining costs of tuition (for students with family AGI up to $30,000) or to assist in closing the gap to tuition (for students with family AGI between $30,000 and $100,000).
Students must complete a FAFSA or TASFA to be considered for the Texas Advance Commitment. The Office of Financial Aid will use the information students provide on their FAFSA or TASFA to determine student eligibility. There is no additional application for the Texas Advance Commitment.
The amount of funding a student will receive will depend on how much their family AGI is, as well as how much financial aid they have already received through grants and other scholarships.

For Texas families with an AGI up to $30,000, awards range from $300 to more than $11,000 per year to ensure that tuition is completely covered.

For Texas families with an AGI between $30,000 and $100,000, award amounts will range from $300 to $2,000 per year depending on the student’s financial need to cover tuition.
Eligible fall 2018 new freshmen will be notified via their Financial Aid Notification (FANs).

These are four-year renewable awards. To renew the award and remain eligible, a student must:

  • Submit a FAFSA or TASFA every year
  • Continue to have a family adjusted gross income of up to $100,000
  • Continue to have financial need, as demonstrated on the FAFSA or TASFA
  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA and remain in good standing

Current students continue to benefit from additional financial aid awarded by The University of Texas at Austin over the past five years. The university is committed to providing opportunities to make college affordable for all of our current students. This additional aid will be awarded to new incoming students from Texas.

Existing Texas Advance Programs

UT Austin is committed to providing opportunity to students historically limited in their access to higher education. These programs are aimed at supporting the success of hard-working, under-resourced Texas high school students.

Presidential Scholars Program

Incoming freshmen with excellent academic credentials and high financial need are selected for our most prestigious Presidential Scholars program. Students are awarded up to $20,000 ($5,000 per year) over their four years at UT Austin, and receive additional funding to participate in an enrichment program during that time. They are also part of a community of scholars, which provides additional networking opportunities for the students.

University Leadership Network (ULN)

ULN is a nationally recognized incentive-based scholarship program for students with demonstrated financial need. Each year, 500 freshmen are selected to begin the program. ULN students receive a scholarship of up to $20,000 ($5,000 per year) based on participation in the program's comprehensive four-year components that include leadership training, experiential learning opportunities, and university service.

Additional New Financial Aid Initiatives

These individual financial aid awards are part of a renewed commitment to expand financial aid and ensure that UT Austin is an option for high potential students from across the state, regardless of income.

Completion Grants

As part of the university’s commitment to enrolled student success, UT Austin provides completion grants of varying amounts to current students to facilitate timely graduation. These funds are awarded to students who are close to graduating but have unmet financial need that would otherwise delay graduation, or prevent them from completing their degree. This aid is awarded by the Office of Financial Aid and Student Success Initiatives.

Impact Scholarships

Impact Scholarships recognize high potential students from across the state who are making an impact in their local community, who will make an impact on the Forty Acres, and who will make an impact in their communities when they graduate. More than 30 incoming 2018 freshmen were surprised with a $48,000 scholarship ($12,000 per year) to cover the cost of their tuition for the students’ four years at UT Austin.

RaiseMe Collaboration

UT Austin has collaborated with RaiseMe to encourage students to consider the university when they begin their college search. The RaiseMe UT Austin collaboration encourages students early in their high school careers to engage in activities to encourage college-going behaviors, while earning micro scholarships for college. This platform enables students to earn up to $2,000 ($500 per year) in scholarship dollars when they attend UT Austin.

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